Highlights of the Week!

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As this Blog page focuses on Highlights about myself and the work I have done I felt that I should do something for you guys, just to keep you interested in my blog!

Every week I am going to post the Highlights of the Week! with in the media industry!

So for my very first Highlight is going to be the ‘ipad’, this is ‘Apples’ most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price starting at $499 which is about £350 to us! Hoping to be available to order within 90 days. So you best be ready to be blown away watch the clip below, I know I was!

Hello world!

•January 21, 2010 • 1 Comment

Welcome to highlightsmedia.wordpress.com!

As I am the author of this little blog page I am going to tell you the viewer what you can find on my newly created WordPress site!

On this site you will be able to view Information About Me (Helen Mayne)

This is located on the left hand side of this page plus Highlights Web Build. This is a page where you can view current pages from highlightsmedia.co.uk which is currently being built  by myself. Once the website is published you will be able to chick on the images which will take you directly to the Website but as its not published yet this link does not excess.

Having been awarded a merit for my Foundation Studies in Art, Media & Design at UWN in September 2005 I then spent three years studying a BA Hons in Documentary Film & Television, I graduated with a second class honours, division 2 on the 30th January 2009. I am now currently on a 6 month Course supported by Skillset’s TV Freelance Fund, where I have the opportunity to use my creative skills to generate ideas to use on TV plus other platforms within the media.

You will find all my Ideas plus video uploads of short films that I made during my University day’s and also a few Wedding videos so have your box of tissues to hand as you may cry with laughter or be laughing at me!

This is a 2 minute clip taken from the film ‘Stroke’, made back in 2007 about people who have suffered with having a stroke and how they get on with their lives. Not only did I spend time at the Stroke Association in Bridgend to interact with patients on camera, I also participated in a fundraising event by abseiling off the Newport Transporter Bridge. As I had to get over the fear of launching myself off a bridge, I shared a similar experience, how it is for a stroke suffer carrying out everyday activities that we all take for granted.

This is a 4 minute clip taken from the film ‘ I Love Smoking’, made back in 2008. This film was focused on myself how I had to change my lifestyle to fit in with the No Smoking Ban back in 2006. The content of the film gives information on smoking and the effects on what happens to your body. As film was about me and my love for smoking I took a trip to Amsterdam to experience different tips of smoking and to experience the joy of smoking inside a pub with large cold pint of lager. Upon my return back to Wales I took a trip to the Doctors to find out more about the damage I am doing to my body by smoking. Will I be scared for what I am about to see and give up the one thing I enjoy the most or do I think to myself I am going to die someday so what the hell. Watch the film to find out.